Chapter 49 and 50 are added

I just uploaded Chapter 49 on Wattpad ( and Chapter 50 on Inkitt

Exerp from Chap. 50:


Suddenly, two strong hands land on my shoulders and I jump in fright. The feeling of terror, panic, and helplessness swamp over me. I hate to feel this way. I am not weak, damn it!

“Princess, Commander Rykov’s order. You have to come with me,” says a big man in front of me.

Yeah, right! Like I believe him. I don’t think so. “Over my dead body, you freak!” With that, I jump and kick him in the nuts. The man howls in pain and crumples in a fetal position on the floor. Nothing makes a grown man howl like a sissy faster than a swift kick in the balls. Then I run.