Even more free stuff just for you!

Hey Genesis, you like free stuff right? Well then keep reading. 😉


Hundreds of you voted on the best cover, and there was a clear winner. Here is a link to the winner, so congratulations to Maeryll Cugtas. Your cover will be the official cover of the book. Check out the link below to see the picture (it’s seriously SWEET!).



And just as a random side note. Some of the covers in the cover contest were submitted by my publishing company. However the majority of the covers done by you guys, had more votes than the ones created by the professional graphic artists.


So yah… you guys are not only awesome friends but also awesome artists! And I am going to reward you for it!


I’ve created something awesome for you guys.

When the Great Smog blanketed London, Serena’s fate takes a sudden turn. She is left alone when her parents met their untimely death and set to be married to her highest bidder, Mr. George Dungworth, a repulsive, forty-year-old goldmine.

Cooped up for days and itching for a run, she ventures into the woods and there—at the edge of the forest, amidst the sea of fog— she sees the image of perfection that would change her life forever.

The man from the woods. Lazarus Chevalier is neither human nor a werewolf. No, he is more than that. He is a lycan and he wanted her.


It’s on Amazon for free this week and this week only (it will be free until the February 15)! So go get it right now:



However I know a lot of you might be reading this post after February 15, and I want to make sure that I am taking care of you (you guys are so awesome to me I just need to be equally awesome back!). But my publisher can’t sell the book for free after the February 15 because of Amazon. So instead I will give you the book for free if you sign up on my blog, after the February 15.


So go sign up on my blog right now! I am going to be giving away some other free goodies from it very soon as well.



And if you are impatient (I also am an impatient reader, hehe), then go get the Serena and Lazarus: A Catching Genesis Bonus Chapter, on Amazon right now!



I will see you in the next post fellow readers!

 XOXOXO Nicole

6 thoughts on “Even more free stuff just for you!

  1. I’m not able To actually get the book on Amazon or kindle, it says it won’t work for this device. I managed to read the bonus chapter for Catching Genesis, but aren’t able to read Lazarus’s and Serena. Please help


  2. I’m a bit disappointed that it is on kindle, I was expecting a real book … But it doesn’t matter I still love your works❤❤ Please keep writing!!


    1. It is available on Amazon.com as a Paperback, I don’t see paperback on Amazon.ca I wish I could help more but my publisher handles all of those details. I’m sure that if it is successful it will be available in paperback in more places. Thank you for your support.


  3. I signed up to you’re subscription but I didn’t get the Serena and Lazarus story. Do you not give it out anymore? Am I late? Lol im so confused rn, please explain.


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