Free Bonus Chapter!

So much to say to you Genesis!

(Yes, our team name is Genesis and you are all Genesis!)

You’re going to read this full post right?


First things first, MY BLOG IS READY! And it’s totally awesome! You can check it out here:

My publisher is helping me with it, so make sure to tell me how terrible it is. 😉

My publisher is giving away a bonus chapter when you sign up!

Read it and let me know what you think (only if you want to)!

So go sign up RIGHT NOW (don’t worry I’ll wait).

Did you go sign up?


Then go do it!

I’m serious…

Alright good. 🙂

Now that you have signed up on the blog, it’s time to announce the cover contest. I have been blown away by the sheer quantity of amazing covers you guys have sent me. (you guys are really good artists o_O). I am once again humbled by the sheer quantity of love. My publisher had to reject some of the covers (I know… I know… I wish they didn’t also). But there were still so many amazing covers it just blows me away.

So now it’s time to vote on which cover you like best (and like in the roman colosseum the weak shall die! MUAHAHAHAH) (hehe jk).

Now go start voting! 🙂 The bunnies demands it!
I’ll see you in the next update! And never stop reading!

P.S. I love our team name! Thanks to @killer_beauty for suggesting it!